A Home For Invention

Arbitrary isn’t exactly a digital creative agency or a production shop. It’s not quite a studio or an R&D Lab, either. Arbitrary is the best of all of these things. We bring together teams of talented groups and individuals to work on experiential, lovely, forward-thinking stuff of all sorts.

Arbitrary is whatever it needs to be to make inspired digital creations for and with great people.

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Our Work

An innovative site to celebrate Mario Andretti, Gran Turismo and the first car you ever owned...

with Tool of North America

First Love

A photo booth that takes ASCII art photos and prints them on receipt paper...

with Matt Felsen


A Chrome extension to replace content that you don’t like something you’d rather see...

alongside Andrew Ramos and Zaengle Corp


A reinvention of the videoplayer for ESPN’s Peabody-award winning documentary series...

with SuperFriendly

30 for 30

An art installation inviting viewers to peer into an ostrich egg and see what happens inside...

in collaboration with Gretjen Helene

Egg Installation

...plus a slick iPhone app and a lovely experiential product/market site. More details soon.


The Net Awards New Agency of the Year Nomination

We’re thrilled and honored to be one of 10 finalists up for The Net Awards New Agency of the Year! Go on, vote for us. We know you want to.

First Love Honors

First Love, the site we built in collaboration with our friends at Tool of North America won a handful of awards, including FWA SOTD both for desktop and mobile and an Awwwards SOTD as well. We’re so proud of our collaboration and still get a bit misty eyed when Mario drives the car in the final episode.