Design-Minded Development?

It’s hard to get designers and engineers to care about the same things. We believe they should. When creative disciplines aren’t on the same page (or worse, not considered creative at all!) the quality of the product suffers.

We’re a nebulous technology collective who cares as much about fit & finish as we do about functional requirements. We love code, design, product and marketing. Don’t think of us as designers, but don’t think of us as developers either. We’re always somewhere in between, and we think that’s great.

Stuff Worthy of Mom’s Fridge

  • Check out Melody Jams, the new awesome way to be a rockstar. On iPhone and iPad for kids of all ages. We designed and coded it with James Bartley in just 4 months.
  • In fact, Jamie and James were just interviewed about it over at Free Range. Check it out.
  • We’re working with an internal UX team on one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. Tons of complexity, it’s super fun to prototype against. All future thinking stuff, we’re at least a year out from launch.
  • We built an iPad app that lets you customize a sofa for Benchmade Modern, a unique brick-and-mortar furniture company. Read all about it in this interview with the founder. Did we mention it connects to a robotic arm to move the furniture around, too?
  • Our site for Specialized Bicycles, 5 Minutes, got nominated for a Pixel Award. It’s a love letter in form of a 3D scrolling web site to fans of fast everywhere.
  • We’re prototyping alongside a public radio station to foster deeper connections between consumers and content.

Here’s the thing:

Projects are too often approached formulaically. To solve for X, Do A, then B, then C.

  1. X The problem and the strategy
  2. A The creative ideas and designs
  3. B The plans and timelines
  4. C The code

There's a better way.

A way that’s less about the final product, and more about the people making it.
Because when coding and creativity go hand in hand, the work is better for it.

Our Family

We’re set up a little differently than the average bears. Arbitrary is a well-rounded group of independent* creative folks** handpicked for each project. We know each other well, love working together, and bring out the best in one another.

  1. *You’ll get people who have actively chosen to work on your project because they’re amped about it. People who want to make stuff they’re proud of.
  2. **Our collective includes coders, designers, writers, strategists, project managers, producers, artists, animators, musicians… the list goes on.

Think of it like making a movie. Making a Pixar movie isn’t the same as making a Rom-Com. We build the exact right crew & cast for each of our projects.

We’ve worked with some pretty awesome people this way. We’re always looking for more.

About Us

Arbitrary is fearlessly led by Jamie Kosoy, our Founder & Technology Director. Jamie started his love affair with code nearly 20 years ago, when he built and sold his first web site in the height of the dot com boom. He earned his BFA in Multimedia at the University of the Arts in Philly. From there he moved to New York and was instrumental in helping Big Spaceship become one of the most celebrated digital agencies in the world as Technology Director.

Jamie has led development on sites and apps of all sizes. He has spoken at conferences internationally about the intersection of design, product, business and technology. His interactive artwork has been on display at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens as well as exhibitions in Philadelphia, Boston, and San Francisco. Relentlessly passionate about designers and makers, he has mentored for TechStars and taught at Parsons ,General Assembly, and the University of San Francisco.

We should totally make stuff together. Get in touch!